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For professionals working in commercial or investment real estate, becoming a Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) designates them as proven experts. It allows them to access valuable resources to further their career. However, it is not something that just anyone can achieve. Becoming a CCIM has specific requirements and a variety of different membership levels. What does this designation really mean, however? Below are some of the requirements and benefits for CCIMs.

Comprehensive Education

One of the first steps a commercial real estate investor must take to pursue CCIM designation is to complete required education courses. This education covers topics such as financial analysis, ethics, investment analysis, and market analysis. Depending on the level of membership a professional wants to pursue, the education requirements may vary. 

Thorough Portfolio

Most designation candidates must also provide the CCIM Institute with a thorough portfolio of their work. This portfolio should include relevant projects, transactions, and other qualifying activities. There are several different qualification categories with varying minimum volume requirements.

Completed Exam

Finally, CCIM candidates must pass a day-long, comprehensive exam demonstrating their mastery of the course content. There is a fee to take the exam, but a review session is also offered to help candidates prepare for the concepts that will be covered on the test. While the test can be retaken if the candidate earns lower than a 70 percent score, they are limited to a maximum of four retakes.


Once a professional passes the exam, they are officially considered a CCIM-designated real estate investor. This is the most advanced qualification in the field. As a CCIM, investors are highly qualified to minimize risks, make better decisions, maximize returns on investments, and more. Potential clients often seek out CCIM-designated professionals due to their proven skills and knowledge. In addition to helping increase trust with clients, becoming CCIM-designated provides access to all the resources from the CCIM Institute.

CCIM-designated professionals can be brokers, appraisers, investors, asset managers, and more. They are connected to all facets of the commercial real estate investment industry and, statistically, perform better than their non-CCIM-designated counterparts. Professionals looking to get involved in real estate can help secure the best deals by connecting with a CCIM. If you are an accredited investor wanting to put your money to work in real estate, a CCIM can tailor any real estate investment to meet your needs. Hiring these professionals is well worth the investment for their high level of expertise and real-world experience.

Based in Alexandria, Louisiana, Justin Giallonardo is a skilled commercial real estate and construction professional, a dedicated community member, and a loving family man.